Third-year student of the Department of ” Art History” The State Academy of Choreography of Uzbekistan Pardaboev Rustam Asatilla ugli took part in the international competition “The best young scientists of the CIS – 2021”, held in Nur-Sultan, which was attended by representatives of 14 countries and won the first place in the category “Culture”.
The main goal of this project is to support gifted students of higher educational institutions of the CIS countries, to identify young talents who contribute to the development of science and technology, and to encourage their scientific research.
According to the results of the competition, taking into account numerous publications and achievements, Rustam Pardaboev was awarded the First degree Diploma and the badge “The Best Young Scientist of the CIS-2021”. The first achievements in the field of art science R. Pardaboev carries out with the support of the scientific supervisor-Candidate of Art History, head of the Department “Theory and History of Art” P. I. Tashkent, who received a letter of thanks from the organizers of the competition.
On May 19, the rector of the State Academy of Choreography, Shukhrat Makhmutovich Tokhtasimov, presented a diploma and a badge to Rustam Pardaboyev in a solemn ceremony.

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