First of all, I congratulate you on the coming holiday of spring – a symbol of the renewal of nature and prosperity.

The celebration of International Women’s Day in the first days of spring has become a good tradition all over the world. This, of course, is the symbolic meaning. The awakening of nature, the breath of new life is consonant with a wonderful holiday that fills our hearts with kindness and sincere feelings.

On this significant day – International Women’s Day on March 8 – I cordially congratulate all of you, our wonderful women, all our students, as well as all mothers, sisters, daughters of our country on the holiday of spring and beauty.In modern conditions in our country, care for women, their well-being and health, their worthy contribution to the development of society has been raised to the level of state policy. The words of the President of Uzbekistan that “caring for a woman is the highest level of politics” is perceived in society as a high indicator of attitude towards women.Women give life to our children as creators of the future, take care of their growth and development, and then entrust their education and upbringing to women who are as merciful and good-natured as they are. We are proud that our academy trains wonderful personnel, thanks to which the life around us becomes even more beautiful and harmonious.Once again, I congratulate our dear women on the holiday of spring and beauty – International Women’s Day on March 8 and express them my most sincere wishes for well-being, happiness, health and creative inspiration!

Respectfully,Rector of the Academy Sh.M. Tokhtasimov

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