Department of Social and Humanitarian Sciences

Department of “Social and Humanitarian Disciplines”

Head of the Department:

Kosimova Dildora Hashimovna

Reception days: Monday – Saturday 9:00 – 13:00

Phone: 71

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Brief  history of the Department 

The Department of  “Social and Humanitarian Disciplines”  was founded in 1997. In accordance with the Submission of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan PP-№4585, the State Academy of Choreography of Uzbekistan was created on the basis of the Tashkent State Higher School of National Dance and Choreography in the form of state higher education. institution under the Ministry of Culture.            In accordance with this decree, the Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines began its activities. Over the years, the department was headed by: candidate of technical sciences I. Ibragimov, T.R. Nurmukhamedov, associate professor M. Sh. Murodova, candidate of historical sciences J.X. Ganiev.            The Department of “Social and Humanitarian Disciplines” is a general academic department. At present, the department is headed by the candidate of pedagogical sciences (PhD) Kosimova Dildora Hashimovna. The activity of the department is based on the legal framework used in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Including: the Law “On Education”, “The National Program for Personel Training”, normative documents of the Academy for regulating the activities of the education system, based on the constituent documents of the State Academy of Choreography of Uzbekistan and the Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines itself.            Candidate of  historical sciences J.X. Ganiev, S.A. Zakhidova, candidate of sociological sciences M.A. Rizaeva, associate professor Sh.M. Nishanova, and senior teachers M.U.Adasheva, N.R. Yusupova are successfully working at the department and optimizing the theoretical and methodological educational process, through the introduction of advanced scientific achievements make a worthy contribution in the learning process.            Scientific and methodological seminars are systematically held at the department, during which the reports of the department staff are heard, who make a presentation, after which they are actively discussed.            In addition, the department operates circles of gifted students “Chess”, “Information technology in the art of choreography”.              Subjects studied at the Department: In the direction of  Bachelor’s Degree:• History of Uzbekistan* Fundamentals of Spirituality• Cultural Studies* Sociology* Use of information technologies in the art of choreography* Pedagogy.Psychology* Psychology* Development strategy of Uzbekistan. Civil society• Art History of Central Asia* Methods of professional training* Educational technologies            In the direction of Master’s Degree:* Digital technologies in the art of choreography* Methods of teaching special subjects* Methods of scientific research in choreography* Pedagogical technologies and pedagogical skills

Faculty of the Department:

The main one

  1. D. X.Kosimova
  2. J. X.Ganiev
  3. M. U. Adasheva

External part-timers

  1. M. A. Rizaeva
  2. S. A. Zakhidova
  3. Sh. M. Nishanova
  4. N. R. Yusupova

Scientific and practical cooperation of the department:

The department has signed agreements on mutual cooperation and conducts practical cooperation with the Department of “Psychalogy” of the Tashkent Regional State Pedagogical Institute (Chirchik), with the Department of “Social and Humanitarian Disciplines” University of Physical Culture and Sports, .

Within the framework of cooperation, work is carried out with specialized departments of universities in the following areas:

* joint research activities;

* educational literature is created jointly;

* joint articles and publications are prepared and published;

* scientific-theoretical, practical forums, various spiritual and educational events are held;

* cooperation in conducting professional practice is carried out;

* practical assistance is provided in the organization of festive programs and their implementation.