SACHU Urganch branch

State academy of choreography of Uzbekistan Urganch branch


In accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated January 22, 2021 No. 31, the Urgench branch of the State Academy of choreography of Uzbekistan was established in order to further improve the system of training qualified specialists in the field of national dance art, preserve the ancient dance of Khorezm “Lazgi”, its scientific study, and promote it:

ensuring the mutual integration of Science and education through the involvement of mature and qualified specialists in the field in the process of training personnel;

training of highly qualified bachelors and masters in dance art, as well as scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel with the potential to conduct in-depth research in this field;

preparation and publication of spiritual and educational and popular science literature on the results of scientific research;

in order to support the youth, the student, with the involvement of local and international grants, effectively organize their education abroad, conduct scientific and creative work, and establish joint concert programs on a regular basis;

increasing the scientific potential of Personnel, further development of scientific and creative activities, wide involvement of talented student youth in this direction;

retraining and professional development of specialists in foreign higher educational institutions, as well as systematic organization of internships;

  1. b) the main tasks of the” Lazgi ” Department:

Further development of the performance of “Lazgi”, support for the activities of executive and creative schools formed in this regard;

science-ensuring the integration of education and performance;

Samples of the execution path” Lazgi “creation of the “Golden fund”;

preserving the traditional way of performing” Lazgi”, further improving it with samples of modern methods of execution, in-depth study of the socio-historical roots, scientific and theoretical foundations of dance, aspects related to national and universal values with the participation of scientists and executive experts;

Establishment of international cooperation to widely promote the way of execution” Lazgi”;

Extensive promotion of Lazgi performance samples abroad through the media and the Internet Information Network.

Operating under the branch on a permanent basis at the expense of extra-budgetary funds:

A permanent exposition covering the history of the creation of”Lazgi” and the period of its development;

Phonoteca of samples of creativity created on the way to the performance “Lazgi” ;

Gallery of samples of dresses”Lazgi”, exhibition hall and artistic cafe;

The decision envisages the creation of a children’s amateur theater-studio” Lazgi”.

This branch began its work in 2021-2022 year, at the same time Botirov Shonazar Khusainovich was appointed director of the branch. Affiliate Web page and social media addresses

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