Department of magistracy





To date, in the department of “magistracy” State academy of choreography of Uzbekistan has 33 undergraduates.

Among them: specialty 70211601 (choreographic team management)

13 people in the first course;

70211003 – (theory and history of art) in the first course of the specialty 4 people;

5A151301 (management of a choreographic team) in the second course 14 people;

5A150203 – (theory and history of art) in the second course 2 people;

In accordance with the current “regulations” in higher educational institutions where there is a “magistracy” education, the department of education “magistracy” will be created, consisting of the head of the department and the methodologist for educational and methodical work, and in accordance with this “Regulation” the department of education “magistracy” will be headed by the head of the department, equated to the status of dean faculty of a higher educational institution. In this regard, based on the staffing table, Adasheva Mavludakhon Umatalievna was appointed to the post of head of the department of “magistracy” of the State Academy of Choreography of Uzbekistan.

Undergraduates studying at the educational department “magistracy” receive two years of study on the basis of a bachelor’s degree in a certain specialty. For the period of study, the masters of the “magistracy” department are provided by the Academy with educational and methodological literature, educational and methodological documentation, handouts and all the necessary conditions are created for obtaining knowledge, conducting scientific research. Masters use all educational institutions, classrooms, laboratories, libraries, information and resource centers and educational and auxiliary structures of the Academy free of charge. The educational process at the Academy is conducted in Uzbek and Russian.

Training at the Academy in the form of a master’s degree includes 2 years. Undergraduates who have mastered all subjects of the curriculum and received positive marks on state attestations are provided with state-issued documents of the established form.