Head of Department:

Doctor of philosophy (PhD) in art studies


Reception days: Monday – Saturday 9:00 – 13:00



In accordance with the Presidential Decree of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 4, 2020, No. PQ-4585, on the systematic improvement of the system for training highly qualified personnel in the field of dance art and further development of scientific expertise in the field of dance, the Uzbek State Academy of Choreography was established within the framework of the State Educational Institution of Uzbekistan under the Ministry of Culture. According to this decree, the goal was set to create dance schools based on the “teacher-student” traditions, prepare highly qualified specialists and professionals in accordance with international standards, and develop scientific expertise in the field of artistic education.

The Uzbek State Academy of Choreography is one of the prominent educational institutions ensuring the systematic provision of necessary professional choreographic knowledge. All opportunities have been created for the training of highly qualified specialists in the field of choreography. This educational program is aimed at preparing professionals meeting high standards in choreography.

The history of the choreography department dates back 35 years. The choreography department was established in 1974 at the Cultural Education Faculty of the former Tashkent State Institute of Culture in the section “Leader of the artistic collective for choreography.”

The department was headed by Isroil Ismoilovich Khasanov, a graduate of the Moscow State Institute of Theater Arts (GITIS). It was Isroil Khasanov who is considered the founder of academic education for training specialists in the field of artistic dance. After Isroil Khasanov, the department was led by S.Sh. Burkhanov, Associate Professor I.G. Gorlina, art worker A.N. Muminova, Associate Professor E.Y. Saitova, Senior Lecturer L.T. Khasanova, Professor Sh.M. Tokhtasimov, artist O.N. Mukhamedova, Associate Professor D.M. Abdoukakimova.

On September 4, 2023, the “Choreography” department was divided into two parts: “Leader of Choreographic Collectives” and “Choreographic Pedagogy” with the aim of further developing the field of education and its directions.

The “Leader of Choreographic Collectives” department actively develops the directions of Uzbek dance and the art of ballet mastership, as well as controls the quality of these arts.

The “Choreographic Pedagogy” department, on the other hand, oversees classical dance, folk theatrical dance, traditional-folk dance, and contemporary dance.

At present, both departments are led by distinguished, professional, and young heads of departments. Irina Radikovna Sultangirova heads the “Choreographic Pedagogy” department, while Gulasal Normukhamedovna Usmanova heads the “Leader of Choreographic Collectives” department. Professors and teachers of both departments create educational literature and textbooks for all professional subjects.

To focus more of the professors’ and teachers’ time on creative work with students, a “Teacher-Student” system has been further developed on the choreography department. Prominent figures in the field of choreography and ballet, such as K.S. Sagatov, B.R. Kariyeva, Q. Mominov, Uzbekistan People’s Artists O.Mukhamedova, M.M. Makhmudova, D.Yunusova, G.Abdiyeva, Ch.Dzhurabayeva, G.Madrahimova, “Dostlik” Sovkhozi leader E.Y. Saitova, and lecturers A.A. Magdiyeva, A.I. Yeshimbetova, R.R. Iskandarova, O.K. Komarova, Sh. Jalilova, A.A. Boreyko, S. Useinova, Sh. Kenjaboyev, D. Yaqubova, share their expertise and knowledge with the younger generation. As a result of the continuous activities of teacher-student pairs, graduates of the Choreography Art Education direction have become winners of prestigious national and international competitions and festivals.

In the departments, meetings with foreign specialists, as well as master classes, are regularly organized for students.



Charter of the department “head of choreographic teams”