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Head of the information and resource center of the Academy of choreography
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About the information and resource center

The information and resource center of the State Academy of Choreography of Uzbekistan, based on the specifics of training, stores mainly textbooks, textbooks and music materials on choreography and art history, as well as fiction.

The library is located in the building of the Academy, its total area is 102 square meters. There are no branches of the IRC. In the place of residence of students there is a visiting library.

The library has the following departments:

– department of book processing,

– depository fund,

– reading room,

– department of issuing books in the specialty,

– department of issuing books on general education subjects.

– electronic reading room.

The library has 34281 copies of books of 13076 titles in its collections:

– textbooks – 5278 copies of 574 titles,

– textbooks-10524 copies of 1147 titles,

– fiction – 10990 copies of 5900 titles,

– scientific literature-48 copies of 37 titles,

– Electronic publications – 1898 titles,

All IRC employees are full-time employees. The library is equipped with modern technical means-computers and scanners.

The main stage in the creation of automated libraries and electronic information resources is the creation of an electronic library catalog and text-based electronic resources. New book editions that come to the library these days are fully included in the electronic catalog by name. The electronic catalog contains more than 700 bibliographic titles and this list is constantly updated.

IRC the State Academy of Choreography of Uzbekistan provides services to students, students, postgraduates, faculty, researchers, researchers, employees of the Academy, as well as to the local population, organizations and enterprises.

Newly received books are distributed to the appropriate departments. At the end of each month, exhibitions of new books are organized, which students and teachers get acquainted with, protocols are drawn up, and photography is organized.

Special attention is paid to the preservation of rare and valuable books, creating the necessary conditions for their storage.

Since the 2019-2020 academic year, there is an online library “ARM O’ZDXA”, created on the telegram channel, which contains more than 700 titles of electronic educational and fiction literature, as well as audio and video clips. Everyone who is interested in choreography and Uzbek dance can use the Telegram channel via the link.

The main tasks of the IRC :

– formation, storage and use of library funds, taking into account the specifics of the Academy for the organization of the educational and scientific process.

– formation of an electronic library and an electronic catalog.

– creation of conditions for the provision of cultural and educational, spiritual and moral services for the study of the cultural heritage and the modern development of art in Uzbekistan.