Educational and methodical Department


Inspector of the educational and methodical Department of the State Academy of choreography
  • Phone: (+998 71) 215-56-59
  • Reception days: Monday-friday 10: 00-13: 00


1. Organizes, controls and manages the educational process in bachelor’s and master’s degrees on the basis of regulatory documents in accordance with curricula and instructions established by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan

2. Establishes educational goals reflected in the curriculum of the faculty.

3. Works on the improvement of curricula and programs in accordance with modern requirements.

4. Monitors student knowledge and skills using modern assessment methods, including written work, oral methods or tests. Based on the results of this control, the study specifies thematic plans, determines the forms of individual work with students.

5. The Academy monitors the implementation of curricula and teaching loads by professors-teachers for the current academic year.

6. Determines the workload of part-time teachers.

7. Checks the organization of the educational process at the faculty on the basis of raids, submits information about attendance to the dean of the faculty and monitors the elimination of deficiencies identified by the results of the check.

8. Together with the heads of departments and the dean of the faculty, retraining and advanced training of young teachers will be organized in regional and sectoral centers.

9. The Academy organizes retraining and professional development of teachers in regional and sectoral centers and monitors the implementation of relevant plans.

10. Together with the marketing department, participates in the distribution of graduates of the Academy on the basis of state grants.

11. In accordance with the Regulations approved by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in general, manages the qualification activities of students and monitors the implementation of action plans.

12. Participates in the formation of admission plans for the 1st year of the Academy.

13. Participates directly in the admission committee of the Academy, forms information about admission to the Academy and summarizes the results of admission.

14. In the academy, departments study the work and summarize best practices. Makes proposals on the expediency of the activities of departments and the opening of new departments.

15. The head of the educational and methodological department is appointed by the rector of the Academy.