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Chief Specialist of Marketing and Student Practice Department

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“Department of Marketing and Student Practice” began its activities

in the 2021-2022 academic year

Functional responsibilities of the center

 The Career Center monitors the number of graduates, their employment, periodically informs graduates about available vacancies at large, medium and small state and non-state enterprises and institutions.  Provides up-to-date information, directs students of all courses to practice on the basis of memorandums and contracts, prevents the appearance of bureaucratic barriers in the system, generates analytical information and optimizes the decision-making process.


The purpose of the center

  • The goal of the Career Center is to increase the prestige of graduates of the Uzbek State Academy of Choreography in the labor market by providing students with relevant offers for internships and work during the study, as well as increasing the level of employment of graduates;
  • Informing students about the necessary knowledge, abilities and skills for work;
  • Formation of a portfolio of orders, distribution of graduates by work;
  • Formation of the current and prospective “portfolio of orders” for personnel, taking into account the needs of employers in educational areas and specialties;
  • Conclusion of contracts with enterprises and organizations-employers for the training of personnel, their employment, as well as the establishment of partnerships with them;
  • Submission to the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of information on the results of distribution and placement for the final work of real students and graduates;
  • Creation of a database of graduates;
  • Informing students and graduates of the academy about existing and demanded vacancies in the labor market;
  • Conclusion of a bilateral agreement between the academy and students enrolled on the basis of state grants in the new academic year, on providing them with 3 years of work at the place of distribution for work after the end of the academic year.