Department of Art Theory and History

Head of the Department of Theory and History of Art –

Umarov Shovkat Vakhobovich, Associate Professor, v.

Phone: (+99871) 215-56-13


Reception days: Tuesday – Thursday


History of the “Theory and History of Art” department


Since 2005, the “Art History” (choreography) undergraduate course has been established at the Department of “Art Theory and History”.

For the first time, the department was headed by Nurimova Naila Pardaevna, a qualified pedagogue with many years of experience in higher educational institutions, as well as great organizational skills, candidate of art science, associate professor – leading musicologist, member of the Union of Composers of Uzbekistan.


The teaching staff of the department consists of high-level specialists in scientific activity, candidates of art studies, associate professors, etc., who are directly related to the art of theater and choreography. Tashkenbayev P.I., doctor of philology, associate professor, etc. Khamraeva H.Kh., Doctor of Art Studies, Professor Tolakhojaeva M.T. related to the name.

The educational activity of the department covers two directions – art history and choreography.

Conducting research in the field of history and theory of national dance and ballet art is considered to be the general subject of scientific research of the department. “History of World and Uzbek Choreography”, “History of Scenography and Costumes”, “Music Literature”, “History of Ballet Criticism”, “History of Scenography and Costumes” ” training manuals have been published, training manuals are being published on “Balletology”, “Principles and Theory of Choreography”.

Every year, the teachers of the department actively participate in International and Republican scientific-theoretical conferences with their lectures, as well as in scientific journals and collections published in the Republic.

The leading scientists of the department also participate in the competition of grants announced by the State Science and Technology Committee of the Cabinet of Ministers. Currently, under the leadership of Kh.Khamrayeva, scientific-research works are being carried out within the framework of a 2-year practical project called “Creation of 3D systematic interactive teaching-methodical manuals on the subject of “Children’s dances” for music and art educational institutions.”

In the educational process, attention is paid to the ability of our students to work independently and to form their scientific thinking. They also participate with their scientific articles in scientific conferences held annually at the university and inter-university and national level. In addition, they organized participation with their scientific works in the scientific seminar held in cooperation with the Institute of Art Studies under the jurisdiction of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. In this direction, the scientific articles of our students total about 150 works.

In order to encourage our talented students, to help them in their research, to express their opinions freely, to freely exchange ideas and communicate with their research at scientific conferences, roundtable discussions, the Scientific Circle of Talented Students was established in our department.

Scientific-theoretical and scientific-practical cooperation activities of the “Theory and History of Art” department

Scientific Research Institute of Art Studies, State Institute of Art and Culture of Uzbekistan, “College of Choreography” under UzDXA, Republican Estrada-Circus College.


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