Department of Art Theory and History

Head of the Department of “Theory and History of Art” – Candidate of Art History, Acting Associate Professor of Tashkent Pulat Irkinovich

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History of the Department of ” Theory and History of Art”

The Department of “Theory and History of Art” was established in 2005 in order to prepare bachelors in the field of education “Art History “(choreography).
The head of the department is an experienced teacher, who has many years of experience in organizing and teaching, Candidate of Art History, associate professor, leading musicologist, member of the Union of Composers of Uzbekistan Nurimova Naila Pardayevna.

The department consists of leading experts in the field of studying theater and choreographic art-Candidate of Art History, Associate Professor Akilov N. A., Candidate of Art History, Associate Professor Khamraeva G. R., Doctor of Art History, Professor Tulyakhodzhayeva M. T., Candidate of Art History, Associate Professor Musayeva D. A., Doctor of Philosophy Agzamkhodzhayeva S. S. (PhD) art historian Levina E. I., musicologist F. M.Nasibulina.

From 1999 to 2011, the department was headed by Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Melkumova E. I.
The educational activity of the department covered two areas – art history and choreography.
The general topic of scientific research of the department is related to research in the field of history and theory of national dance and ballet art. For choreographic educational institutions, textbooks on the history of Uzbek choreographic art, the specialty of art history in choreography, music history, and ballet studies have been published.
Teachers of the department annually publish the results of their research in prestigious scientific foreign and national collections of scientific papers, participate in international and national scientific and practical conferences.
Leading scientists of the department participate in grant projects of the Ministry of Innovative Development of Uzbekistan. This is a three-year fundamental project “Problems of integration of Western European classics in the Uzbek theater”, the scientific director of which is the Doctor of Art History I. A. Mukhtarov. The head of the two-year grant project “Children’s Theater of Uzbekistan” is the candidate of Art History T. I. Yuldashev. Currently, work is underway on the implementation of a 2-year project “Yzbek milliy raks sanatini targib etishga bagishlangan web site of multimedia maҳsulotlari typlamini yaratish”, which is headed by Candidate of Philological Sciences Kh. Khamraeva.
In the course of training, much attention is paid to the formation of students ‘ skills of independent work and scientific thinking. Leading teachers and their students annually participate in interuniversity and national scientific conferences with their scientific reports. In addition, the department maintains close ties with the Institute of Art Studies of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, actively participates in its scientific seminars. The total number of articles published by students is about 150 publications.
In order to support talented students, to provide them with qualified assistance in their scientific research, to freely express their opinions and opinions, to teach them the skills of participation in discussions and research, the department has created a scientific circle of students.
The Department of “Theory and History of Art” carries out scientific cooperation with the following organizations:
– Institute of Art Studies of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan,
– State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan,
– Alisher Navoi GABT,
– Tamara Khanum Memorial House-Museum.
– Republican specialized Choreographic boarding school,
– The Republican Variety and Circus College,
In order to train young pedagogical and scientific personnel, at the Academy of Choreography, opened a master’s degree in the specialties “Choreographic Art” and “Theory and History of Art”.
To date, the department fruitfully employs candidates of art history, associate professors Yuldashev T. I., Tashkent P. I., candidates of Philological Sciences, Professor Kasimov N. K., senior lecturer Khamraeva Kh. Kh., Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Murodova M. Sh., associate professors Alimdzhanova N. A., Umarov Sh. V., Khamidova Sh. S., Honored Artist of Uzbekistan F. K.Salikhova, teachers E. A. Kari-Yakubova, V. E. Ablyaeva, young promising teachers I. M. Imankulova, M. A. Mukhamedova, L. I. Nasibulina, D. K. Doszhanova. Concurrently, the department has a Doctor of Art History, Professor Tulyakhodzhaeva M. T., Doctor of Art History Mukhtarov I. A.
In recent years, the leading teachers of the department have translated from Russian into Uzbek a number of sources on the theory of art, the history of theater, the history and theory of music, the history of world choreography, on the basis of which work is being done to create new educational literature.